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Papparoti buns

The Papparoti Bun

The mouth-watering Papparoti bun will keep you coming back for more. One bite through the thin caramelized outer casing is all you need to get hooked!

Papparoti coffee

Papparoti Coffees

Select from our range of classic coffees, Pappa iced coffees and Pappa specialties, brewed fresh all day everyday.

Papparoti teas

Papparoti Teas

Our Karak tea is the talk of the town! In addition we have a range of traditional and aromatic teas from a classic English breakfast tea to a soothing camomile.

Papparoti smoothies, milkshakes, soft drinks

Smoothies and Milkshakes

Why not try a delicious milkshake or give yourself an energizing boost with one of our five enticing Papparoti smoothies.